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School Aims




To build on our:

  • welcoming and caring school community
  • delivery of stimulating and high quality teaching and learning
  • standards of academic, social, emotional, creative and physical achievements


by providing:

  • an inclusive school, which celebrates diversity and is accessible to all
  • a safe and happy school where children are listened to and their contributions are valued
  • a school which promotes excellent behaviour, where bullying, racism and sexual harassment are not tolerated
  • a school where children are challenged to make outstanding progress and have positive and successful learning experiences

by encouraging children to:

  • do their best through praise and celebration of effort and achievement
  • have respect for themselves, others and the world in which they live
  • work independently and to be effective communicators

by having effective partnerships with:

  • all children and their parents / carers
  • Dollis Junior School to ensure continuity and progression
  • the local community


by ensuring our leavers take with them:

  • the desire, curiosity, confidence & skills to continue learning
  • friendships and the ability to form positive relationships
  • happy memories, ambitions and dreams.




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