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Dollis Infant and Junior schools are separate schools but we work together very closely. 

Did you know….?


  • Our schools share a breakfast club and after school club and we also share many resources, e.g. the field, the kitchen and the minibus

  • We share performances with each other at Christmas and in the summer

  • We run joint social events e.g. the circus

  • Every year the children in our chess clubs attend a chess tournament together

  • Every lunchtime four Year 6 ‘Playground Pals’ come to the Infant School playground to help the children play together cooperatively and Year 6 children also help with the running of the Infant School sports day every summer

  • We have an extensive transition programme for those children moving from the Infant School to the Junior School.In the summer term the Year 2 children attend assemblies in the Junior School and have tours of the School and joint playtimes with their Year 3 buddies.They also have opportunities to ask questions to Year 3 children, the Junior School Headteacher and their new class teacher

  • Children applying for a place in Year 3 in the Junior School who attend Dollis Infant School are given priority over children applying from other schools

  • Our Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers and Inclusion Managers meet regularly to exchange ideas and discuss issues that affect the schools

  • Our staff take part in joint training sessions to ensure a consistent approach to teaching and learning

  • There is an open invitation for governors to attend governing body meetings in both schools

We are also a member of the Barnet Infant School Partnership which is a group of nine schools that work collaboratively, sharing examples of excellent practice, curriculum and staff development. The Partnership has close working relationships with the local authority.

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