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Dollis Infant School was inspected in December 2014 - please click on the full report below.  There are many exceptional comments throughout the report; we are particularly delighted with the following comments:

  • "The measures the school takes to keep pupils safe are outstanding.  Parents and pupils are rightly confident in the excellent care provided for all"          
  • "Governors are rigorous in holding the school to account for its performance"
  • "Pupils are polite and considerate to each other and all adults.  They are friendly and well-mannered, and go out of their way to help others"   
  • "Pupils' attendance has risen rapidly and is currently ahead of the latest national average...The support of parents has strongly contributed to improvements gained"
  • "The school's strong culture for learning is fostered by teachers' and other adults' good relationships with pupils...Well-planned learning activities and effective use of resources ensure work captures pupils' interests and engages them in the process"
  • "Classrooms are bright, colourful, welcoming and well-resourced.  The outdoor areas encourage imaginative play and make children want to learn"
  • The school "..draws on and celebrates pupils' cultural diversity.  Consequently pupils enjoy exploring cultural differences and the things they have in common...As a result the school is a harmonious, tolerant community which grows stronger from pupils' understanding of each other"
The link below will take you to Ofsted's data dashboard which provides a snapshot of the School's performance.  It compares the results with those of another 100 unidentified schools in the country and it shows the School's attendance figures for two terms over the past year.

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